Shore Excursion in Florence and Pisa

We suggest to go first to Florence and then to Pisa. Visit to Florence: our first stop will be at Piazzale Michelangelo, a breathtaking panoramic terrace overlooking the city. From this position we can describe you all the most important Florentine attractions: palaces, churches, bridges. Of course we will walk along Ponte Vecchio, with its [...]

Shore Excursion in Pisa and Lucca

To visit Lucca, the walled city, we also provide a walking tour, no extra fees. Etruscans founded Lucca at least 200 years before Christ. In 180 BC the town became a Roman colony. Lucca is still today rich of roman architectures traces. For example Piazza dell’Anfiteatro was the ancient Colosseum of the town. Then there is Piazza [...]